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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. and look who's back. u.s. soccer star carli lloyd that's her arriving at the airport a couple hours ago. how life has changed eighth what's next for the hometown hero. new information in the case against bill cosby. it may be too late to prosecute him for alleged sex attacks but one local official says the comedian could face other charges. and right now, the nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking the threat of showers and thunderstorms today. some are moving this way now as we take a live look at center city. others could impact your wednesday afternoon. good morning this is nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. the humidity in big effect this
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morning. >> it's a steamy start and a warmer one. 78 degrees. dry,lhx right now in philadelphia. you can see what is moving across central pennsylvania. these are light showers but there are heavy downpours moving through punxsutawney right now. those showers moving in for some areas this morning. everybody will start dry. look at the temperatures low 70s in allentown. upper 70s for dover and millville. there's the 79 degrees right now at philadelphia international and northeast philadelphia. both close to the 80 degree mark at this hour. hour by hour forecast 6:00 76 agrees. the temperature has come down a little bit, then right back up at 9:00 81 agrees. then we see a chance of showers and thunderstorms as we get closer to the noontime hour. the showers and possibly heavy downpours this afternoon. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> bill what we're dealing with
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is ongoing construction. the vine street expressway closed east and westbound in between broad and the schuylkill expressway. not a car in sight. these are our cameras on the vine on 24th street. currently no problems 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway, 13 minutes. the schuylkill is doing great so far. no problems on the blue route if you're headed southbound. we have a road closure in glassboro, new jersey on 322 in both direction, that's between north girard road and redman avenue. take carpenter street to get through the area. breaking from overnight, carli comes home. world cup hero carli lloyd is back in burlington county following her historic performance. nbc 10 was at the airport when she arrived just a couple hours ago. matt delucia is live at philadelphia international airport. matt carli is back. >> she was away for quite a
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while, chris. carli was in canada for 42 days playing for the women's world cup. she arrived not too long ago. she stepped off a plane just after 1:30 here at philly international. much quieter in the airport than what she witnessed on sunday night when the world watched her score a hat trick and help the u.s. women's soccer team win that long awaited championship. we spoke with the burlington county native who is with her fiance. the work doesn't stop even show she's back home. >> i'll probably only be here for a day an a halfback home and then it's whirlwind roller coaster riding the wave and enjoying the moment. so proud of the team and everybody. it was a moment we'll always cherish. >> reporter: one of the big things on her plate right now, the continued celebration, if you will next up, she's heading to new york city. they're going to be holding a parade for the women's soccer team on friday morning that's scheduled for 11:00 a.m.
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we'll hear more from carli coming up in the next half hour including what happened when she first got back into the u.s. after that win. live at philly international, matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> her life has changed a little bit since they left burlington county. a public official told us he believes cosby could face criminal charges based on that testimony in a sexual assault lawsuit ten years ago. nbc 10's tracy davidson is live for us in our digital operations center. tracy, what charges could cosby possibly face? >> one charge perjury. we're hearing from the former prosecutor who tried to file charges against the comedian years ago. monday night we brute you cosby's admission that he got quaaludes with the intention of using they will for young women with whom he wanted to have sex. the admission came from a deposition cosby gave in montgomery county ten years ago as part of a civil suit. a temple university employee accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her at his
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home. county commissioner and former d.a. bruce caster, now running for his old job says cosby may have lied under oath. >> as good as what we would get and deserve in a sexual assault case? no. but he's an old man, you put him in jail for a couple years, ebel probably die. >> perjury is a felony in pennsylvania punishable by up to seven years in prison. the downfall of bill cosby's reputation began last fall. some of the allegations date back to the '60s. she settled her lawsuit in 2006. more than a dozen women -- dozens actually women have made accusations against the comedian. the bill cosby scandal put the word quaaludes back in the headlines. quaaludes looked a lot like
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these little white pills. quaaludes became popular party drugs in the '70s and '80s for their ability to cause a hypnotic high. they could also be highly addictive. quaaludes were outlawed in 1984. bill cosby has never been charged with a crime. his lawyers have not commented on these recent developments. live in the digital operations center tracy davidson nbc 10 news. 4:06 now. the prosecutor's office in atlantic county is investigating a deadly stabbing at a convenience store which ended with police killshooting and killing the suspect. a man stabbed a clerk with a knife and witness says the man was upset about a sandwich. the clerk died. his roommate tells us that he just returned from egypt and this was his second day on the job. >> >> he escaped from violence in egypt, too.
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i did, too. >> he said the clerk escaped from violence in egypt to face his death here. police shot and killed the suspect during a confrontation outside the store. his name has not been released. this morning, donovan mcnabb is facing dui charges in arizona where he lives now. police arrested mcnabb on june 28th after his car rear ended another car near phoenix. in 2013 mcnabb spent a day in jail after pleading guilty to dui. if he's convicted of a second dui so soon after the first one, he faces up to 90 days in jail and suspension of his driver's license. police in northfield atlantic county are missing a device money the to slow down drivers. they believe a thief made a speedy getaway. check out this tweet. someone apparently stole one of their electronic radar signs. it was posted on cedar bridge road. we checked online and find the device itself for about $3,000.
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4:07 now. happening today, senior citizens in philadelphia can start eating healthier thanks to a program that provides free fresh produce. the philadelphia corporation for aging will distribute vouchers from 10:00 until 2:00 at the reading terminal market. this program is finded through the u.s. department of agriculture to help low income seniors get better nutrition. the vouchers can be redeemed at several area stores and markets. >> the nice thing about getting your vouchers at the reading terminal, you can purchase your items there. >> you can also pick up those vouchers at the corporation for aging's office on north broad street but supplies are limited. for more information on who qualifies, use the nbc 10 news app or go to now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 4:00. it is a steamy start this morning and warmer. we're already tracking showers moving our way.
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the showers this morning, possibly thunderstorms this afternoon. and localized flooding is a possibility. we'll see some heavy downpours but it's not going to be widespread rainfall this afternoon. 76 degrees right now in reading. philadelphia is just one degree shy of the 80 degree mark. it's in the middle 70s at the shore, which is dry right now. live view of cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. sunshine to start with but you can see the line of showers from new england right on through pennsylvania into west virginia and kentucky. those showers slowly pushing to the east. some heavy downpours, right into central pennsylvania just moving past punxsutawney at this hour. light rain showers in the williamsport area so far. none of the showers are in the immediate philadelphia area but they are inching closer. thunderstorms more likely as we head into the afternoon hour. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast low 70s for mt. pocono and into the lower 80s for allentown, reading and
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quakertown. doylestown trenton and mt. holly not as hot as yesterday. in part because of the showers moving in storms possible this afternoon. upper 80s for cape may and rehoboth beach. vineland and dover will see the scattered showers later today. upper 80s for drexel hill and swedesboro while wilmington tops out at 86 degrees. scattered showers, a possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. the hour by hour future weather with more details on the storms coming in when i come back in ten minutes. >> you'll be thankful for the car's air conditioning this morning. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington shows us the roads. >> we're quiet on most of the majors, the schuylkill, 95 the blue route you'll have no delays or problems currently. the schuylkill around girard avenue looks like this headed eastbound, currently no problems, a 13-minute drive time
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from the blue route to the vine street expressway. frankliway an accident on flowertown road. over in glassboro, 322 is closed in both directions due to an accident investigation between north girard road and redman avenue. take carpenter street to get through the area. the area bridges, everything is okay. the burlington bristol, though is closed. the ben franklin is open but two lanes are blocked headed westbound into the city. chris? happening later today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in chester county to discuss education and the current budget stalemate. it's all part of the governor's schools that teach tour. today wolf will visit downingtown middle school. last week he vetoed a republican-passed spending plan. there's still no deal in place which means currently the state cannot pay vendors. the dangers of police work are well documented as you know. then there's this. working traffic detail on a wet
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road kaud road caught on tape. wait until you see what happens to the trooper. it's a worldwide charity that began right here in philadelphia. some say this is the city's most important. we're talking about the ronald mcdonald house. right now it's facing some challenges. we'll talk about that.
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4:14. we have new dashcam showing a horrifying crash right there on a utah highway. everyone was able to walk away without serious injury. this trooper was responding to a vehicle that hydroplaned but a second car hydroplaned and slammed into the first car. the trooper was penned beneath
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the cars. firefighters were able to get him out safely. amazing there. right now more than 1,000 army troops in canada are fighting these massive wildfires. more than 13000 people were forced to leave their homes in british columbia an evacuation that officials are calling unprecedented. u.s. firefighters are also being called in to try to get a handle on those fires. in south carolina, federal investigate ares looking for the cause of a deadly midair crash involving a fighter jet and a small plane. air force f-16 was on routine training when it collided with a civilian plane yesterday. two people aboard the small plane died. the air force pilot safely ejectioned. coast guard video shows a helicopter crew lowering a rescue to help the pilot in the water there. take a look at the wreckage of the f-16. the crash rained debris over a
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wide area of marshes and rice fields. you can see splintered trees and a crater where the jet landed. the small plane, again, was destroyed. now to the crisis in greece. they are asking for emergency funds to keep its economy going. president obama called the prime minister yesterday. the white house got involved because greece could soon abandon the euro something no nation has ever done. the president's call came during an emergency meeting of european leaders in athens. new this morning, one of philadelphia's older charities is facing a challenge. we're talking about the ronald mcdonald house here. nbc 10's katy zachry is live with more on the obstacles facing that organization and how leaders are tackling it. >> reporter: people may not realize but summer is an especially stressed time with
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the ronald mcdonald house. the families parents and sib welcomes need a place to stay. for a lot of the families here inside the house, they live across the state. it's quite frankly too hard for them to commute while their children are receiving, in many cases, life-saving treatments at area hospitals. during their stay here, their meals are taken care of their rooms are clean, there are activities for kids plus important support for parents. >> it's an amazing mission to basically help families who are dealing with probably one of the toughest things they would ever have to go to the illness of their children. we're here to say to focus on the well-being of the child, we'll take care of everything else. >> it's important stuff. you just heard from the ronald mcdonald house's new board president, peter zegman. he breaks down one of the biggest challenges ahead. one of them expanding the house (55u
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ly had to do last year. how is he going to do it? coming up at 5:15 we'll break it down. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 4:00 right new. warm muggy and no wind here at the nbc 10 studios. we have dry conditions across the area to start with. it doesn't look like it's going to stay to way today. 79 grows at philadelphia. humidity is at 74%. we're running 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. we have southwesterly winds at the art, they're at 13 miles an hour. that's the warming with muggy air continuing to push into the area. the schuylkill a dry, quiet, light wind to start with. showers and thunderstorms are on the way. before they move in these temperatures will be coming up into the 80s. we're not far away from that mark in philadelphia and north and west, not a lot cooler for pottstown at 75 degrees blue bell is 79. allentown is running cooler this morning at 71 degrees.
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shenandoah is down to 69. 70s for delaware. it's 77 in dover. newark is 75 and look at woodbine at 78 degrees in south jersey. warm start and a muggy day today. it won't be as hot this afternoon. in part because of showers that are moving into the area. you can see the clouds to the west. those are quickly moving in as well. bright sunshine, we'll see some to start with but clouds will start to take over. this is a line of mainly light showers and it's already starting to fall apart in parts of central pennsylvania. the first showers this morning don't look that impressive. at 11:00 this morning philadelphia 84 degrees. at that hour, we could see showers moving into reading and lancaster county. by thisy of noon the temperatures really take off into the upper 80s, close to yesterday's level, if we get a break from the shower activity into the midafternoon hours. there's a chance some of the scattered showers you see jth and west will move into philadelphia. that could keep temperatures lower this afternoon.
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and heavy downpours in store for some areas but not everybody will see it at the same time today. showers, thunderstorms today. this is not the only day we'll see them. details with the seven-day forecast, chris, are ahead in the next half hour. >> we'll stand by for that. mean while, new information about the repair work of the knox covered bridge in valley forge park. they expect the bridge to re-open at the end of this year. it will take a long time to fix it. officials confirm a crash caused damage to the bridge. the repair work will start in september. the fun safe philly summer program is featuring a pool party. it's set for the recreation center in grays ferry this evening. mayor michael nutter started this program a few years ago. it introduces teens to summer jobses. the 21st annual summer
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picnic in wilmington starting at 4:00 delaware state police state troopers and hospital volunteers will be serving food and providing fun activities for the kids there at the hospital and their families. a lot of outdoor events are in the works, of course for pope francis's historic visit to philadelphia. what about camping? we'll tell you why there's a new law, a new push to allow tents in some city parks. and wracking up the tickets. wait until you hear how many parking violations have been written up. if you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10 we're prepared to show you for better or worse. you can interact with us on commercial breaks. follow us on periscope, the social media app. our address is nbc philadelphia.
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pope watch now. bolivians are getting ready to welcome the pope. la paz is the first stop on the pontiff's three-day visit to that country. he's scheduled to move on to santa cruz where he will spend the majority of his time. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend a papal mass. and in ecuador, the pope told representatives from civic organizes, indigenous communities and catholic league groups that economic benefits should go hand in hand with social justice. he also said ecuador's natural resources should not be
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exploited for short-term gain. ecuador is an opec country dependent on oil drilling. tents could become a hot item as philadelphia prepares to welcome pope francis. the city is considering a plan that would allow camping in some parts in september. philadelphia currently prohibits camping in its park system. in ecuador this week many people slept in tents to catch the pope there. nothing is set in stone and there's no word on which philadelphia parks could become camping grounds. we'll keep you posted on that. meanwhile, nbc traveled to the pope's homeland. his passion for the poor began with his visits to some of the poorest neighborhoods in his native bunsenos aires, argentina. >> that's why we are trying to
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do something in order to help families to move forward. >> patricio's dream is to help many of the children in that shantytown go to college. coming up later today, a side of pope francis you may not have seen before that we may not see again. at 6:00 p.m. jim rosenfeld will tell you about the pope's favorite dance, the tango. at 11:00 p.m. we'll tell you about his favorite sport. three guesses of which one that is. you can also see a slide show of jim's visit to argentina on westbound wn and the nbc 10 app. great stuff there. happening today, a local woman is among several people being honored by the white house for their work in improving the way we treat diseases. emily kramer-golinkoff lives in
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bala cynwyd. the champions of change program was created to feature people in this country who empower and inspire members of their communities as emily has done here. she talked about her organization on her website. >> we are at heart a family organization that is being propelled by a community that keeps getting bigger. and we're one family and there's a lot of other families just like us. >> she is an amazing woman. does so much for the cystic fibrosis community. last year the white house launched the president's precision medicine initiative with the goal of using research and technology to focus on individualized treatment. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a steamy start this morning, warm, too. 78 degrees at 4:27. the flags are blowing. that's more mugginess coming in. could fuel showers and possibly thunderstorms already tracking showers moving across pennsylvania this morning.
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drivers, listen up. you'll be digging for more change in your console soon. it will cost you more to travel the pennsylvania turnpike soon. ahead, we'll have details on a toll increase and tell you when it starts.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> an international sports sensation is back on her home turf. u.s. soccer star carli lloyd arrived at the airport just a few hours ago. should he stay or should he go? there's an effort in new jersey to push christie out of office because he's now focused on winning the white house. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms today. some of them are moving i


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